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Working for a Clean Electricity Future for All NJ 


In the densest state in the nation, New Jersey has a dirty electricity problem. Overburdened communities are suffering from disproportionately high rates of asthma and are also dealing with regular flooding from extreme weather.


We need clean electricity to power our homes, schools and businesses - energy sources that don’t pollute the air where we live, work, and thrive. 11,000 well-paying clean jobs are expected to be created annually. The Clean Energy Jobs NJ Coalition is advocating to ensure the clean energy transition is equitable and pro-worker.

"Instead of shouting across a beach at our neighbors, we should focus on the fossil fuel industry that's trying to kick sand into our eyes." - Dr. Elizabeth Cerceo


Nicole Miller, MnM Consulting


Our Mission

The Clean Energy Jobs NJ Coalition is working to create thousands of good paying jobs and building healthier, more equitable communities. 


About Us

We are comprised of community, labor, health, faith, equity, environment, and business groups calling for a clean electricity transition that doesn’t leave anyone behind.


Take Action

Sign up for alerts to take action and ensure New Jersey's clean electricity transition benefits all communities. 


Recent News

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Coalition Members

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