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Tell your legislators to pass A4782/S3123 

An equitable community solar program can't wait.

Community solar is part of NJ's clean energy transition and a powerful tool to expand access to the benefits of solar regardless of income level or housing type. It provides every New Jersey resident the opportunity to choose local, reliable, and cost-effective clean energy solutions. A4782 will increase the size of the state’s community solar program, while also allowing low-income families to access community solar without having to exhaustively document their struggles in order to get help
Currently, in order to qualify for low-income community solar, LMI families must produce documentation of their income, which can be onerous and lead to feelings of embarrassment, decreasing overall adoption. If passed, this bill will rid New Jerseyans of this barrier by allowing LMI residents to self-attest their income on community solar applications as an acceptable income verification method. 

The fall will be busy in Trenton, and even with the best of intentions, decision-makers can get distracted. That’s why we need your help now. 

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