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Boom! The destruction of a dirty coal-fired plant should lead us to a clean energy future

It is time that the health and well-being of all New Jersey residents be fully and equally considered when debating energy sources. Gov. Phil Murphy has done much to advance offshore wind.

By Anjuli Ramos-Busot

Opinion - Published in - December 4, 2022

On Friday morning, the Logan Generating Plant was demolished, putting an end to a decades-long history of polluting air and worsening public health in Swedesboro and surrounding communities in Gloucester County.

The Logan plant was initially retired in June alongside Chambers, the state’s other remaining coal-fired power plant. The agreement to formally shutter Logan and Chambers marked a key victory in our efforts to clean our grid and create healthier and more sustainable New Jersey communities.

Logan and Chambers were both formally peaker plants. Each operated at times of high energy usage to help stabilize our grid and fend off blackouts. Now both plants will be transformed into grid-scale battery storage sites. Their existing interconnection systems allow for connection to new offshore wind transmission lines, meaning clean energy will flow where coal once was. Renewable energy will now help stave off blackouts and ensure power during extreme heat or cold, all without risk to public health.

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