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New Jersey Groups Celebrate Third Round of Offshore Wind Projects

For release January 24, 2024

Media contact Nicole Kirgan


The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities awarded two projects that combined, will provide a total of 3,742 MW of offshore wind capacity. These projects move New Jersey closer to Governor Phil Murphy’s goal of 11 GW of offshore wind power by 2040 and 100 percent clean energy by 2035. 

One project award was provided to Invenergy Wind LLC and energyRE to develop the Leading Light Wind project which will provide 2,400 MW and is expected to power over one million homes with clean power. An additional project award was provided to Attentive Energy which will provide 1,342 MW. Together, the two projects will power over 1.8 million homes combined, inject 6.8 billion dollars into the NJ economy, and yield over 5,000 full time equivalent job years. These projects will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 6.4 million short tons annually which represents approximately one-third of NJ’s current greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector. 

New Jersey's business, health, labor, and social justice leaders applaud the Murphy Administration and the NJ Board of Public Utilities for reaffirming the state's commitment to achieving a 100% clean energy economy by 2035. This move cements New Jersey's position as a leader in renewable energy procurement and establishes the state as a pivotal supply chain hub for the offshore wind industry.

New Jersey is at the forefront of pioneering a clean, renewable energy sector that has the potential to catalyze workforce development, stimulate economic prosperity, fortify shoreline protection, and contribute to the preservation of marine and wildlife habitats.

By embracing offshore wind strategically, the state of New Jersey is taking a progressive step towards a future characterized by environmental responsibility, improved public health, and sustained economic vitality.

“We are pleased to see the BPU’s ongoing commitment to the emerging offshore wind sector, which will create many quality jobs for skilled union workers in New Jersey,” said William C. Sproule, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters. “Our union is prepared to supply our trained union carpenters, commercial divers, pile drivers, and millwrights to build this new energy industry safely and professionally. The EAS Carpenters Union has already made significant investments to ensure New Jersey is the leading destination for offshore wind training through our expanded Hammonton Training Center and by launching the first union dive school in the country at our Sicklerville location.”

The offshore wind industry has the potential to revolutionize workforce development, creating job opportunities and advancing skills in the green energy sector. New Jersey's commitment is a pivotal step towards shaping a skilled and sustainable workforce.

“We’ve always said that our New Jersey communities need to be involved in this growing offshore wind industry to make sure it’s done right,” said Jody Stewart, Senior Organizer with the New Jersey Organizing Project. “As storm survivors, we know that our state, and especially our South Jersey and Shore communities, are further strengthened in the form of good union jobs and community benefits for mitigating the effects of rising seas and extreme weather.”

“Offshore wind sector will help power New Jersey's future in an environmentally sustainable and just way. “Its development is a moral imperative,” said Rev. Ronald Tuff, NJ Organizer for GreenFaith.  “Offshore wind means energy, cleaner air and healthier communities. It reduces the unfair risks of asthma and heart disease that afflict our urban and BIPOC communities. This saves lives and reduces the substantial healthcare costs associated with these conditions, which currently amount to billions of dollars."

“Clean energy provides an enormous economic opportunity for New Jersey. We have the opportunity to create homegrown, good paying jobs right here at a time when it's clear we need energy independence. The cost of inaction and delays is far greater, particularly in today’s geopolitical landscape. Those arguing otherwise have either fallen for misinformation or have an entrenched interest in maintaining our dependence on fossil fuels.” said Richard Lawton, Executive Director of the NJ Sustainable Business Council.

“New Jersey’s announcement of the winners of the third offshore wind solicitation further solidifies our state’s place as a leader in the industry,” said Debra Coyle, Executive Director of the New Jersey Work Environment Council. “We are excited to work with the new developers to ensure these projects, in addition to generating clean energy, also create good paying, union jobs and act as economic drivers for our local communities.”

“These new offshore wind projects are great news for the environment and the state’s economy,” said Alex Ambrose, Policy Analyst, New Jersey Policy Perspective. “By developing offshore wind infrastructure here in New Jersey, we’re adding new jobs in the green energy sector and bringing the state closer to its clean energy goals. We have to keep this momentum going, and we cannot afford to let opposition from wealthier and whiter communities stop this progress. The climate crisis is harming all of us everyday, and the data is clear that it disproportionately harms Black and brown communities who live closest to harmful sources of pollution. When we talk about offshore wind, we have to understand that this is not only about the environment, but economic and racial justice."

“The last few weeks have been watershed moments for offshore wind off the Atlantic seaboard as offshore wind projects have gone online and started producing clean, renewable energy. Today’s NJBPU award brings the reality of offshore wind off the Jersey Shore one step closer – and it will build a future where wind can power our state’s economy and help us to transition off fossil fuels. The wind off the Jersey Shore and especially in the New York Bight remains as strong as ever – it’s time to harness the wind to fight climate change. NJBPU has created the roadmap for New Jersey to be the national leader in offshore wind and we thank NJBPU and Governor Murphy for their leadership,” said Doug O’Malley, Director of Environment New Jersey.

“With this award announcement, New Jersey has once again continued to establish itself as a national leader in offshore wind,” said Anjuli Ramos, Director, New Jersey Sierra Club. The clean energy boom is inevitable, and it is critical that New Jersey regulators are taking proactive measures to expand our offshore wind industry. This third offshore wind solicitation of 3,742 MW will help our local businesses and communities benefit from the economic development and improvements in air and water quality associated with offshore wind energy. This is the future and we can either fall behind or stay ahead. I'm happy we’ve chosen the latter.”  

“Offshore wind has a bright future in New Jersey and is likely to play a major role in the fight against climate change for decades to come. Not only does offshore wind save lives by reducing air pollution in communities of color, but offshore wind benefits the environment. It’s good for coastal communities already suffering from the impacts of climate change and is good for the communities that will see union jobs and economic growth come to our state. This third round of awards is an indication that New Jersey remains poised to be a national leader in offshore wind,” said Ed Potosnak, Executive Director, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters.

“Offshore wind provides a once in a generation opportunity to stimulate our local economies, grow our workforce, and create clean energy to power our state,” said Drew Tompkins, Director of the Jersey Renews Coalition. “Today’s announcement shows our state’s commitment to capture this opportunity and create a large, thriving offshore wind industry in our state, which will create thousands of good paying, union jobs all for the purpose of generating clean, renewable energy to power our homes and businesses.”

“Offshore wind is alive and well in New Jersey,” said Robert Freudenberg, Vice President for Energy & Environment at Regional Plan Association. “Today’s award by the NJBPU sends a clear signal that New Jersey continues to see offshore wind as an essential piece of our renewable energy future that will help communities to breathe cleaner air, have fair access to meaningful, good paying jobs, and avoid the very worst impacts of climate change. This is a huge win for the future, right here in New Jersey.”  

“This third round offshore wind awards is another key step in the right direction to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels. We encourage unity among all types of fishermen to support initiatives that create an environment where forage fish, game fish, and marine mammals can flourish. This effort is a crucial step in the conservation of our precious coastal ecosystems, ensuring a legacy of vibrant and resilient oceans for generations to come,” said Capt. Paul Eidman, Anglers for Offshore Wind.

“The greatest existential threat to wildlife and humans alike is the worsening effects of the climate crisis. To stem this crisis, we must rapidly move towards a future powered by clean energy technologies. Responsibly developed offshore wind will not only provide clean energy but thousands of good paying jobs and increased energy independence for the state. We look forward to working with wildlife experts, policymakers, and industry leaders to ensure that offshore wind projects bolster communities while minimizing harm to ecosystems,” said Amber Hewett, Senior Director, Offshore Wind Energy, National Wildlife Federation.

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